Sunday, August 29, 2010

White Owl Jewelry

Some of you longtime readers of this blog may recognize a link at the very bottom of the Blog Highlights category to the right called "working." I feel now is as good a time as any to explain its presence here.

Periodically, I like to feature women who have taken their hobbies or interests and put them to wonderful use on a larger, more public platform - something Martha Stewart has always done. It is the most classic of "Martha Moments" to put one's interests to work in a beautiful way - either for the purposes of business, pleasure, community, or all of these elements combined. Please have a look at the link to explore some of the women I've featured here in the past, women who are harnessing their talents and dreams and putting them into practice.

To add to the notable group, I will name the following women: Courtney and Christina Spivak, two sisters who live and work in Michigan. I discovered their Etsy shop recently (called White Owl) and knew I had to feature them on Martha Moments the minute I saw their incredible handmade jewelry. Upon further examination, I fell more in love with their inspirations, the combination of their shared talents and the way it all comes together to create something so beautiful and meaningful.

Both share a love of vintage things and both recognize the intimacy and special meaning of all things handmade. Their interest in making their own jewelry and accessories began at an early age and never really diminished. Their talents as crafters in adulthood were further enhanced by their deep understanding of presentation and marketing. Courtney is a communications instructor and an independent filmmaker, while Christina is a professional commercial photographer. These talents combine to create a business that is beautifully rendered, gorgeously presented and lovingly handcrafted. Please have a look at their amazing work, below, and visit their White Owl Etsy shop to further explore their brand.

A dramatic spray of lacy blooms, dotted with petite aqua beads and hung from antiqued brass chain.
Two stormy grey lace blooms hang asymmetrically, accented by antiqued brass chain.

A duo of dusky blue-grey oversized blooms are joined asymmetrically and balanced by a single champagne pearl.
Lacy ebony blooms sway, hung with apple green faceted vintage beads.

Gracefully curving ivory vines and leaves surround lacy blooms balanced by a single petite daisy hung with a cocoa faceted swarovski crystal bead.
Courtney and Christina Spivak, creators of the White Owl boutique on Etsy.

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