Saturday, August 28, 2010

For the love of Leaves

One of the components I love most about Martha Stewart products is the repeat use of one elemental design or motif, carried across various products in various departments. Take the leaf, for example. An iconic symbol of either summer or fall, its shapes can vary, but the style is always very simple and classic. This makes the use of leafy patterns on towels, sheets, plates and serveware an effective design motif that can work in any room - simply and beautifully. Below are some examples of Martha's leaf-patterned wares from the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's.
These trousseau leaf towels are all about affordable luxe. I love the fine embroidery of the leaves, which come in silver, a gentle green, a light teal and a subtle pink. Definitely must-haves!
Carry the leaf theme forward in the bathroom with this maidenhair leaf tissue-box cover made of glazed ceramic.
I am generally not a fan of patterned bedspreads, comforters and quilts, but this Folklore Quilt from the Martha Stewart Collection is simple and classic enough to catch my eye. It also looks beautiful when paired with the Turkey Hill Nickel Bed from the Martha Stewart Signature furniture collection.
Combine the quilt above with these Stenciled Leaves sheets from the Martha Stewart Collection for a subtle, nature-inspired room.These leaf-shaped aluminum serving dishes are all about the unity of form and function. I love the vibrancy of these blue maidenhair leaves on this set of Martha Stewart dishes. The effect is clean but whimsical.

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