Monday, August 23, 2010

Succulents in Containers

On a recent trip to a local garden shop, I noticed these beautiful potted succulents and couldn't help but be taken in by the layers of texture and the various gradations of green, which work together to create a miniature landscape.

Planting succulents in large groups within a single container is a great way to unite some of your favourite varieties. The portability of a container means you can also bring the pot indoors once the cooler weather sets in, although many forms of succulents can tolerate cooler temperatures.

The key to keeping succulents in containers is ensuring sufficient drainage. A blend of coarse sand, crushed gravel and a soil-less potting mix will be best. Succulents grow in arid climates, such as deserts or alpines, and are tolerant of significant periods of drought since they store water in their dense bracts. They can stand more watering during their growing season, but generally prefer dry to slightly moist soil, never wet. Their roots should always be kept dry. Succulents also prefer bright light.

A blend of Orostachys and Sempervivum look beautiful when crowded into this vintage container. Succulents do well in dense plantings such as these.
The black of this iron urn makes the colours and textures of these succulents pop.

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