Monday, August 16, 2010

Martha Stewart Presents: Sep. 19

The first prime-time Martha Stewart special for the Hallmark Channel will premier on September 19th. This first installment in a series of specials called Martha Stewart Presents will be called "The Women Who Dress America" and will focus on female fashion designers, including Donna Karan, Dian Von Furstenburg and Tory Burch. The special is timed to coincide with the finale of New York Fashion Week. Martha will speak one on one with these amazing, entrepreneurial women, among others, and will discuss their passions, ideals and dreams, as well as forecast some of the style trends for women in America for the years to come.

Guests of the ongoing specials (there is another one planned for November) may include renowned American chefs, architects, politicians, restauranteurs or gardeners.

Bill Abbott, the president and CEO of Hallmark Channels, said, "Martha Stewart is one of the most emulated and influential people of our time. Guests on Martha's prime-time specials will come from many different arenas, and with Martha starting the conversation, Martha Stewart Presents will be one of the most interesting and entertaining hours on television."

Mark your calendars!

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