Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Martha to Debut New Cake Machine on HSN

On Monday night, Martha Stewart will personally debut an exclusive line of new craft items on HSN, available for order only through the shopping network.

“Our Martha Stewart Crafts line is so innovative, that we have decided to partner with HSN to provide consumers with a new set of tools that will forever change the way they craft and create,” said Martha in a statement. “In addition, our new Martha Stewart Crafts Edition Cricut Cake machine will enable home cooks to transform the things they bake into works of art and wonder. I look forward to July 19 when we will present our unique products on HSN.”
I had never heard of a "cake machine" until this morning when I read Martha's press release, but it's actually very intriguing. Developed by the creative innovators at Provo Craft, the new machine, which is co-branded with Cricut Cake and Martha Stewart Crafts, is FDA approved to be food safe and comes with unique Martha Stewart-designed cartridges. It will be able to cut intricate designs into fondant, gum paste and cookie dough and other edible materials that can be fed into the machine. These pieces can then be adhered to cakes as beautiful decorations. Martha's version of the machine is shown above. You can view more of the HSN Martha Stewart craft products by clicking here.

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