Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Decade of Augusts

When Martha Stewart Living became a monthly magazine in 2001, the publication began offering two new seasonal issues: a January issue and an August issue. Prior to 2001, MSL published ten times a year, sandwiching July and August into one summer issue and December and January into one holiday issue.

The monthly appearance of the magazine in mailboxes and on newsstands kept the magazine vital all year round and gave the editors a chance to broaden their focus by giving them two more issues in which to discuss seasonal lifestyle topics: new projects, new ideas and new Good Things.

As I've stated here before, the August issue ranks as my favourite among the three summer issues, though not my favourite of the entire year, which is usually reserved for one of the fall/winter issues. I read less during the summer so it takes a great issue to really grab my attention. Historically, that has been the August issue of Martha Stewart Living.

There is often an element of the sea in the August issue (pressed seaweed, found sea glass, sea shell crafts, a dockside picnic) and usually a focus on delicious summer desserts, like fruit-filled pies and no-bake treats. The bounty celebrated in the issue almost always gives me incentive to take stock of the overflowing produce at the market and compels me to enjoy all that 'High Summer' has to offer before she slips away.

Below is a roster of the ten August issues Martha Stewart Living has so far published. Each one is a treasure! Any particular favourites?

2001 and 2002
2003 and 2004
2005 and 2006
2007 and 2008
2009 and 2010

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