Sunday, July 25, 2010

Guy Wolff Pottery at Restoration Hardware

One of Martha's favourite potters is Guy Wolff. Based in Washington, Connecticut,Guy was discovered by Martha years ago on one of her many excursions through the state to seek out the best craftspeople and artisans. He has since become her favourite potter and her homes are filled with examples of his pieces, many of them custom-made for Martha. Wolff has been doing his art since 1971 and he is a big believer in architectural pottery, pots that stand the test of time, both in terms of their functionality and their style. Drawing inspiration from the 18th and 19th centuries, Wolff is as prolific as any of the great masters. Martha has had him on her show numerous times and always extolls the virtues of his work.

Now, any of us can enjoy the beauty of his work in our own homes, thanks to a recent wholesale partnership with Restoration Hardware, a home-furnishings store that launched in California over 30 years ago and that, today, has become a leader in the industry. You can view some of his pieces below or at the Restoration Hardware website.

Here is Martha trying her hand at pottery in Guy's Connecticut studio with Guy as her guide.
The line of Guy Wolff pottery at Restoration Hardware comes in both classic terra-cotta and in white clay, part of his Regency collection, which is exclusive to Restoration Hardware.
Graceful lines and soothing tones define the style of these "Long-Tom" pots in the Regency Collection. Long Toms are a traditional favourite for bulb planting and deep-rooting plants.
Molded handles embellish these elegant Peabody pots, named after a small Massachusetts town that was the center of pottery creation in America during the 18th Century.
One of Wolff's best-loved creations is his classic orchid pot. This particular one is based on the style of those found at the conservatory at Windsor Castle in England. The holes in the pot allow the orchid's roots to breathe, which is required for their survival and healthy growth.
These ceramic seed pans are so lovely, embossed with multiple stamps of Wolff's classic insignia. They are also perfect for succulents and cacti plantings inside the home.

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