Monday, July 12, 2010

August Preview

The August issue of Martha Stewart Living generally ranks as my favourite among the summer issues. There's just something about 'high summer' that lends itself so perfectly to editorial depictions: an abundance of summer produce, hot days and cool nights, vibrant colours and the ease of living that comes with summer holidays. The editors have done a superb job defining August in the magazine, through photographs and ideas for summer entertaining, crafts and cooking that will leave you inspired.

The cover is clean, clear and inviting.

An article on collecting bottles takes the reader through the entire spectrum of collectible varieties, from violets to greens to blues to clear to ambers and reds... Lovely photographs by Johnny Miller.
Inspired by the horizon, where sky meets sea, these dip-dyeing projects capture the relaxed beauty of summer's essential elements.
Visit a flower farm in South Cairo, New York, and discover how passion can become a fulfilling livelihood.
Using a Hipstamatic application, digital photographs of classic bicycle styles take on a sunny, Polaroid quality, adding to the vintage charm of the article.

Also in this issue:
  • Martha explores the virtues of a tropical garden
  • Kevin Sharkey tells us about his furniture makeovers
  • Lucinda Scala-Quinn delves into the mouth-watering gorgeousness of summer feasting
  • Craft editors examine the many facets of braiding
  • Great Finds include charming items for the home, the face and the summer hike

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