Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Martha's New Baking Show + Tornado

There have been several allusions of late about a new baking show being hosted by Martha Stewart this fall on the Hallmark channel, where all of her programming will now be televised. There are no real details yet, but Alexis and Martha have both mentioned the show in recent days. It also appears there will be a new book to accompany the show, according to the Sweet Dani B blog. The show is being taped at Cantitoe Corners, Martha's home in Bedford, New York.

Martha was, in fact, filming an episode of the show last weekend when the segment was interrupted by a tornado that whipped through her property, uprooting 120 mature trees (some of which caused extensive damage to her stone walls as they fell) and made quite a mess of her pergola, potted plants and greenhouse. The photo below illustrates just how close Martha was to losing the property's tenant's cottage, which is adjacent to the main house. You can read more about the devastation to her farm and leave Martha an encouraging message by visiting her blog.

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