Sunday, January 31, 2010

Martha to bring "Living" to i-Pad?

Martha mentioned it on Twitter in December - an urge to create a digital version of Martha Stewart Living magazine for download on the upcoming and highly-anticipated i-Pad. She mentioned it again last week on the Ask Martha radio show and elaborated on her desire to digitize the magazine. Steve Jobs, of Apple, has already sent Martha her i-Pad and I'm sure she's anxious to try it out!

Martha did not say that she intends to nix the published version of the magazine but she would very much like to make past issues of the magazine available for download. This would mean getting the first issue for a fraction of the $100 collector's price one now pays for the out-of-print debut issue of "Living" on eBay. It would also save time; no more hunting down that long-lost April issue from 1995. Just click 'download' and it's yours. Oh, and then there's the storage you'd save! I'm personally running out of space as I accummulate issue after issue. For Martha it would mean being able to capitalize on previously-released and out-of-print content by charging a small fee for each download. It might be nice to peruse past issues on a portable tablet. What do you think?

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