Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blog of Interest: Cupcakes, Etc.

My good friend Christine is working very hard to achieve her baking certificate, fitting in classes between moving to a new condo and working full-time. We met for sushi last night and she informed me that she is also finding time to blog about her creations, making an electronic scrapbook, a 'dessert diary' as it were, of all the delicious things she's created in class. I was intrigued and delighted to discover a beautiful blog with beautiful photography of her desserts. Below are some photographs of her achievements. Visit her blog, cupcakes etc. for more! She just has a few more pastry classes and then it's on to breads, afterwhich time she'll be a certified baker, with plans to open a small bakery in downtown Toronto.

The perfect rim of a butter tart.Lemon meringue at its finest! The Mango Mousse Cake with chocolate trim
The Gateau St. HonoréThe Brownie-Berry Tower Cake

Choco-mint Pinwheels

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