Sunday, January 3, 2010

Andrew & Martha

Before I contact Nora Ephron to write the screenplay for "Andrew & Martha" I first have to get my head back from the clouds. You see, I, Andrew Shawn Ritchie, creator of Martha Moments, will be a guest on the Martha Stewart Show on Thursday, January 14th, and I cannot quite believe it! (Not even Julie Powell got to cook alongside her beloved Julia Child!)

I was contacted by an assistant producer in late November and then spoke to one of the producers a few weeks later: the indifatigable Lenore Welby, who has been with Martha Stewart Living for 15 years, and whose mother was a big fan of mine when I was writing for!

Lenore and I spoke for a while about my blog and she informed me that I was being considered as a possible guest on the show. I could hardly contain my excitement but remained calm. ("Keep calm and carry on" is such a fantastic mantra...and it makes a pretty poster too!) Two weeks later, just before Christmas, I got word from Lenore that I would, in fact, be on a segment on the show to discuss my blog and to do a craft with Martha on the air!

The show is going to be about bloggers and their blogs. The audience is going to be filled with bloggers and their laptops, and there I will be, standing next to my muse for the world to see, making a craft of some sort, all for the purposes of then blogging about it! (Dreams do come true, folks!)

To say I am humbled and honoured by the invitation is an understatement. I was so flattered simply to find out that Martha enjoys my blog and to learn that it is popular with many people at Omnimedia, never mind being invited to New York City to partake in a segment on her talk show! It's really quite amazing! I'm thrilled and excited.

Obviously, you can expect to see all kinds of photos here on the blog after the taping! I will try to get some good ones of the studio, of Martha, and of some of the other guests. (I'm thinking Alexis and Jennifer will be on, maybe Kevin Sharkey, maybe Perez Hilton again, maybe Scott Schuman of Sartorialist fame, but I'm not sure of the guest list yet. You'll have to tune in!!)

Good things are happening at Martha Moments! Stay tuned in the near future for a feature interview here with pet expert Marc Morrone and then a preview of some never-before-seen photos of the grounds at Skylands, Martha's home in Maine!

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