Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Blog Show (and Yarn Card)

It's almost impossible to describe how I'm feeling right now as I begin to pack for my trip to NYC to be on the Martha Stewart Show on Thursday morning. It's a mix of heightened anticipation, pure excitement, amazement and a touch of nervousness. (Just a touch!) I leave tomorrow morning and will have a day in the city to settle in. The next morning I'm at the studio in Chelsea at 8:00 a.m. sharp for check-in and preparation. This particular day the show is going to be airing live! Please be sure to watch!

The show I will be on is The Blog Show, naturally, and the guest of honour that day will be network anchor man Brian Williams who will be there to discuss how blogs are changing the way news is gathered and reported. Martha's Cooking School blogger will also be on, as will several other bloggers. I will be on to make a craft with Martha as we discuss the genesis and meaning of Martha Moments. The craft I chose to make with her is one of my favourite Good Things: the yarn card! I love it for its simplicity and elegance, quiet charm and attractiveness.

Below are the instructions for the craft:

An event that comes but once a year deserves a special card. Match the singularity of a birthday or anniversary with a homemade card 'drawn' in yarn. Don't be shy about your artistic ability. You'll need to sketch only simple outlines - the colours and the body of the yarn fibres will complete the picture for you - so they are easy to make. When designing the card, include only the details necessary to make the shape recognizable. A cake, for example, will need a stack of only a few shallow curves. A basic spiral easily renders a flower.

Make rough sketches on scratch paper first to determine the design you will use. Lightly pencil a clean version of the design onto the card stock, folded in half. Trace the drawing with craft glue using a fine-tip dispenser. Carefully place the yarn against the glue lines. Let it dry and then snip away the excess yarn.

Materials: card stock, pencil, yarn, craft glue, fine-tip glue dispenser, bone folder

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