Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FAQ: Donating Martha's Magazines?

One of the questions I'm frequently asked is where to donate Martha Stewart Living magazines. Not surprisingly, most people who buy, or subscribe to, Martha Stewart Living treasure the beauty of the publication. The realities of space and the desire to declutter often mean, however, that the magazine collection and its owner must part ways. What I most often hear in this case is this: "I just can't bring myself to throw them away or recycle them. They're too beautiful. What should I do with them?"

There are some obvious (and not-so-obvious) places where you can donate your collection of Martha Stewart Living.

  • The first place to start is your rolodex. Is there anyone in your family or your posse of friends who might like to have your collection, or at least a portion of it? Next, consider your doctor's office, dentist's office or anywhere you frequently go that has a waiting room. (Ask the doctor or the receptionist first before simply dumping off your pile of publications. )

  • Hospitals frequently accept magazine donations for their waiting rooms and for some of the patients. Ask to speak to a hospital administrator to find out where to take your collection.

  • Similarly, consider taking your magazines to a retirement home, rehabilitation clinic or shelter.

  • Churches will often take magazines to use in their recreation rooms, as will community centers.

  • Libraries will generally only take magazines that are in good condition. And the more complete your collection, the likelier they are to accept it.

  • Camps may take yor magazine donation for use in some of their art projects, such as collage.

  • Consider schools or specialty colleges: a culinary school might love a pile of Everyday Food while a gardening or decorating school might benefit from specially-themed issues of Martha Stewart Living.

  • Used book stores will often take magazine donations and may decide to resell your copies.

  • Martha Stewart Living is one of those magazines that has value past its sell date. Think about selling your copies at a garage sale or even online at eBay, Etsy or Craigslist.

  • Lastly, there are organizations that accept magazine collections for the troops overseas. How wonderful would it be for a soldier to read about the comforts of home? Get in touch with the USO.

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