Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Martha's Pet Products

For someone who does not have a pet, I'm ridiculously excited about the new Martha Stewart Pets line at Pet Smart. I grew up with pets (cats, dogs, fish, lizards...) so I understand very well the desire to pamper and love them every minute they are with us. Martha's products seem to be designed to do just that. They are set at a slightly higher price point and have the pet's health and happiness in mind. Below are some of the highlights from the line. To see the whole collection, click here. (You all know I'm a sucker for packaging, and these designs do not disappoint!)
These are indoor, quilted waste pads, perfect for small dogs in apartments. They can be trained to go on the mat to do their business on those occasions when taking them outdoors is not an option.

Continuing on the "waste" theme, these boxes of eight waste-bag rolls in bright shades make clean-up easy on those long walks with Fido down sunny streets and pretty parks.

Are these dog-food scoops not so adorable? They have the measurement on the handle.

The ultimate in pooch grooming, this carry-all bag has it all: brushes, shampoos, clippers, everything you need to keep your companion tidy, healthy and happy. Love the colour scheme!

I really like the functionality of this feeding station with removable stainless-steel bowls for easy cleaning. The bowls also have lids to keep things tidy. It's all dishwasher safe, too!

Martha's customer will, of course, occasionally bake her own doggie treats. These dog-bone cookie cutters make the creation stylish and fully appropriate.
Crocheted squeaky toys? Of course! It's Martha.

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