Monday, June 14, 2010

July Living

I am not American, neither is the new editor-in-chief of Martha Stewart Living, Vanessa Holden, who hails from Australia, where they too have Queen Elizabeth on their currency. But the appreciation of the United States and all its red-white-and-blue patriotism is perfectly and beautifully expressed in this year's July issue of the magazine. Perhaps it's Vanessa's fresh eyes, as an ex-Aussie living in New York, that gives this issue such a spirited sense of wonder for all things American. Perhaps it's my proximity to the U.S. as a Canadian that allows me to so easily enjoy its content, having been blessed by important friendships with Americans, not to mention dozens of trips south of the border for vacations, business trips and holidays. Whatever the case may be, the issue is a classic, brimming with patriotic pride, festive summer ideas for crafts and decorating, mouth-watering recipes and lovely celebrations of each state.

The cover is a jubilant and colourful tribute to Americana.
A previous post on this blog about the unique summer splash pages in Martha Stewart Living did not include this one, which is now one of my favourites.

The Great Finds section of the magazine is filled with red-white-and-blue treasures from across the country.

The garden of Wayne Guymon in Pennsylvania is a lush, informal garden that spans decades of design and planting over nine acres of verdant land.
American maps on vibrantly-printed textiles is the focus of my favourite features in this issue. The styles and colours are varried and enchanting.
The peach orchard of David Mas Masumoto in Central Valley, California, is an inspiring place, one that begets tantalizing recipes you'll want to try.

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