Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I'm not sure how many dads read my blog, but in case there are a few, I want to wish them a very Happy Father's Day! Dads, I feel, can get a bit neglected over the course of the year, so it's nice to have a day to remember the important role they can play in our lives. Still, Father's Day ranks quite low on the card-buying survey; according to international sales figures of greeting cards, Father's Day ranks fifth among occassions consumers buy cards for. By contrast, Mother's Day ranks first, beating out Christmas and Valentine's Day! So, if you're a dad, celebrate in style today. If you've got a dad you adore, tell him how much he means to you. I know he'll appreciate it.

This is a photograph I took of my dad in 1990 during a trip to Prince Edward Island, in Canada. He was teaching me how to use a camera (manual, of course, since digital didn't exist yet) and we found this amazing abandoned house by the sea to use as our subject. He posed in this one for me. For a 14 year-old photographer, I think this one turned out quite nice. Happy Father's Day, Dad!

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