Monday, June 7, 2010

Hand-Hooked Skylands Rug

I received a beautiful email recently from a textile artist named Micheline Mann, who creates stunning hand-hooked rugs from her home and studio in Paisley, Ontario. She had come upon my blog and wanted to share images of this rug she hand-hooked for Martha for her home in Maine. The inscription reads "Skylands 1925" (the year the home was built) and featured prominently in the imagery is a pair of ring-necked pheasants, which are native to Mount Desert Island.

Micheline sent the rug to Martha and not long after she received a personal call from Martha's assistant thanking her for the rug and letting her know how much Martha loves it. I wouldn't be surprised if this rug is now somewhere in that sprawling hilltop estate.

A photo of the work in progress.

That's the completed rug, above. So much detail! To see more of Micheline's beautiful rug work visit her website at

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