Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The New Lifestyle E-Mags

I was thinking the other day about the new digital magazine by Martha Stewart that was announced last month. It will be released this fall and will be called "Boundless Beauty." I'm deeply intrigued by the concept and can't wait to see the first issue. I was surprised to learn, too, that digital magazines (or e-mags as they're now called) are springing up all over the web. Below are some examples of new lifestyle e-mags. We may expect a similar concept from Boundless Beauty, but with that unmistakable Martha touch.

Sweet Paul is one of the newest lifestyle e-mags to emerge. With a focus on cooking, crafting and decorating it is easy to navigate and beautifully photographed.

Lonny is one of the most popular e-mags online, with high-profile contributors and noted advertisers. Its focus is on hip, funky decorating for the young and young-at-heart. (Their latest issue contains an article on green cleaners, including a profile of the Martha Stewart Clean products.) What do you think about e-mags? Would you read them or will you always prefer the printed page? Some magazines are offering both printed versions and digital versions, such as one of my favourites, Interiors.

Here's one unimagined idea I whipped up for the cover of Boundless Beauty. (Not the actual cover, please note!) I'm very anxious to see how the magazine will look.

Other digital magazines:

Antler (fashion forward!)

By Fryd (Scandanavian design)

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