Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Martha Gets Emmy Nods!

The Martha Stewart Show has been nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Lifestyle Program category. Its host, Martha Stewart, was also nominated for Outstanding Lifestyle Program Host. Having been both an audience member and a guest on the program over the years, I can tell you, first hand, how hard the people on this program work. The Chelsea Studio is a hive of activity every morning in New York City, with producers, directors, sound and lighting engineers, crafters, make-up artists and kitchen staff all buzzing about preparing for the day's show. What's more, they are all so friendly, generous and excited about what they do.

I snapped this photo of the Emmy Awards that have been won by Martha Stewart Living Television over the years. They are all on display in the green room at the studio. Hopefully two more will be added to the collection...although, a longer table may be needed!

My personal congratulations go to "my" producer, "my girl" Lenore Welby who has been working with Martha Stewart Television since the mid-1990s. She was so gracious, helpful and fun when I was working with her on the segment for the show and I hope to see her again some day.

Martha, naturally, is deserving of this award. She is the consummate professional and is instrumental in preparing every single segment of the show, imparting nearly 20 years of expertise as a television host to her staff. She doesn't just show up and stride onto the set. She knows where every prop is located, the name of everyone on set, the kinds of plants that are in the greenhouse, the way everything should be labeled and stored and how everything should be operating. As co-executive producer of the show (with Mark Burnett), the host, and the show's namesake, she is the cornerstone of the show's success. Martha was warm and charming when I met her on the show, talkative and genuinely interested in hearing about me: the mark of an excellent host. She made me feel at ease and it was an honour to meet someone I so deeply respect and admire.

I wish everyone at the show tremendous success. You deserve these awards!

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