Sunday, August 24, 2008

Reports have surfaced that Martha's 'beau' will be marrying 28 year-old Lisa Persdotter from Sweden, a buxom blonde who works for Investment Management in Göteborg. Billionaire Charles Simonyi, known for overseeing the original development of Microsoft Word and Excel, began 'dating' Martha in 2000 and is now marrying another woman half his age.

To be honest, I never really liked him. I know he's a genius and a space cadet, but I just don't like him. Their relationship was always very confusing to me. Sometimes Martha would say they were dating (even making some sexual suggestions about him on The View once), other times she'd say they were 'very good friends' and other times she seemed almost dismissive of him, not knowing where he was and not having heard from him in weeks, adding that she would never get married again. It was all a little too Bourgeoisie for me. "Friends with perks" may have been the best (albeit pedestrian) description of their relationship.

Lisa Persdotter, 28

I'm sure Martha is very pragmatic about it all. She's been through a divorce and knows all about the silly whims and idiotic trysts of men - especially aging, ego-driven billionaires who have to mask their insecurities by tying the knot with someone who could be their daughter. But I do hope she isn't hurt by this news. I'm hoping they can still remain friends and travel companions, but throwing a young wife into the mix may complicate things.

I've always wanted to see Martha get married to a true gentleman. She so deserves it. (Are there any of those left who aren't gay or already taken?)

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