Thursday, August 14, 2008

In just over a month, the fourth season of "MARTHA" will air: Monday, September 15th. Many of you, I'm sure, have seen the teasing commercial on the air promoting the new season. Its theme drives home the point that the new season will be "big"in some way: big changes, big new ideas, big announcements - or all of the above. "Big, big, big, big, big..."

A few details are emerging about the new season. The first episode will feature an exclusive look at the inner workings of Martha's Bedford farm. It's not clear whether the entire program will be about Cantitoe Corners or just one segment, nor is it clear whether it will be a taped segment or broadcast live from the farm. (Wouldn't that be interesting?)

There has been some speculation that the "Big" announcement may be the return to the taped format that so many of Martha's TV fans seem to miss: a return to the modulated and careful instruction that the Martha Stewart Living series always offered. But still has its tickets link for the Martha Stewart Show up and running, saying that tickets for the fall season will be on sale sometime this month. [UPDATE: They're up for grabs on the website now! Thanks, Kenn.]

I do think that we will definitely see a change in format, perhaps more taped segments and periodical 'live' special-themed series on the program.

Being promoted in the September issue of Martha Stewart Living, for instance, is a new series on the Martha Stewart Show: Martha Stewart's Cooking School series. It is likely being timed to co-ordinate with the release of Martha's new cookbook of the same title. The special series will air on the Martha Stewart Show later this fall. Viewers are urged to watch the first few episodes of the new season to win tickets to the cooking school shows.

I'm dying to know what these 'big' things will be! I'll keep you posted as details become available, and I'll definitely be watching on September 15th!

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