Monday, December 14, 2009

Martha Is Talking Tablets

If you're a follower of Martha on Twitter, you will have seen several questions from her, posed to her audience about a publishing topic. The general premise of the questions is this: "Would you read a colourful magazine on a computerized, interactive tablet device, similar to a kindle?"

This informal survey by Martha has a few people wondering what she and her company may be up to. Is she developing Martha Stewart Living or Martha Stewart Weddings magazines into electronic versions, suitable for download on a tablet-type device, or is Martha merely curious about the viability of such a concept?
I'll pose the question here, also, in a more direct way: Would you read Martha Stewart Living in an electronic form on a device similar to a kindle, or will you always prefer a tangible, printed version?

My answer is plain: I would definitely not want to read Martha Stewart Living in an electronic form. I like pages that turn. I like photos printed on a page. I like seeing the magazine in my mailbox and I like accessing the content without the use of electronic assistance, without having to look at a screen. The end.

My one curiosity would be the interactive component to this idea. I would want to know how and to what extent would an electronic magazine be interactive. It might change my opinion slightly if there was a way to share and interact with other readers, editors, etc.

How about you?

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