Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Banner Year

As most of you know, I designed this blog myself. When I first set it up, it was a simple, prescribed template courtesy of Blogger in garish shades of lime green: very basic, very bare-bones. As the months went on, I became a bit more inventive and learned that I didn't have to just settle for the templates that were provided by Blogger. I could totally customize the look and function of the blog.

One of my favourite tasks in the monthly maintenance of the blog is coming up with the title banner for the top of the page. Late in 2007 I had decided that I would use the Fling font for the "Martha Moments" title, borrowing a design element from the look and feel of the title font used on Blueprint magazine. I thought it tied the blog in with some of the fresher elements of MSLO. Combining this with the circular logo background (an allusion to the MS logo) it created a brand-conscious look without being too derivative or copy-cat. It still felt original while flattering the brand I blog about.

With an eye toward detail and seasonal theme, I then scan the pages of previous issues of Martha Stewart Living, Martha Stewart Weddings and Blueprint to find an image that I feel sums up the month's basic gist. I scan the image and then overlay the design elements using photoshop.

Below are the banners used in 2009. I hope you found them pleasing! Any favourites? Any ones that make you gringe in agony? I'd love to know!


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