Friday, December 11, 2009

January Living

The January issue of Martha Stewart Living is on my coffee table now and will soon be available on newsstands. There will be two covers to choose from: the one shown below and an alternate cover depicting a beautiful bedroom. (Both will be available on newsstands.)

"Eat better, live better, feel good" is the mantra on the cover. Inside are wonderful recipes for comforting and cleansing foods, such as chicken soup and a section devoted to cabbage. Caring for bedroom linens is a useful feature in this issue, as is an article on the fruits and vegetables that contain the most (and the least amount of) pesticide residue. A gorgeously-photographed article on hellebores will have you longing for spring, while a visit to Lion Brand yarn shop will have you craving the coziness of winter just a little bit longer.

NOTE: Next week I will have my annual review of the 2009 issues of Martha Stewart Living, choosing the best and the worst of the year! Stay tuned!

This is the cover that is being mailed to subscribers, but it will be available on newsstands too.

This is the alternate cover, which will also be available on newsstands.

Various varieties of hellebores will inspire new planting ideas. Various recipes for chicken soup will make you want to savour each one, and a story on caring for and preserving your bedding (as well tips on how to make your bedroom a comforting and welcoming place to be) is just what you need to inspire you to feather your nest.

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