Saturday, March 7, 2009

You may notice a new logo along the side panel: the Friends of Martha Blog Network. Created by my friend Kenn, who runs the site Everyday House Blend, this new network is designed to connect like-minded people through their Martha-inspired blogs by compiling a one-stop online directory of bloggers with shared interests. In this case, the interests include cooking, crafting, entertaining, home and garden, weddings, pets, whole living or holidays - or Martha Stewart, herself!

To become a member of the network, your blog must be in keeping with the criteria below:

1. Blogs must primarily focus around one or more of the MSLO core content areas:
Food, Entertaining, Crafts, Home and Garden, Weddings, Pets, Whole Living, or Holidays. (Not necessarily about Martha or her company.)
2. Blogs not focused on a core content area must focus on the creative/performing arts
3. Blogs must be well maintained and current. (Updated blogs increase interest and traffic)
4. Blogs must NOT contain any sexually explicit content
5. Blogs must be open to public viewing and not require specific membership to read content.

Joining the Network is Easy:

Send an email to
Provide a brief description of your blog
Include a link to your blog
Once your email is received, the network owners will visit your blog and make sure your blog falls within the guidelines listed below. Once accepted, you will receive a Friends of Martha Blog Network badge to include on your blog, identifying your affiliation with the network and linking your readers back to the network home page to find other blogs of interest.

So, if you think your blog meets the requirements above and you'd like to spread the word about it and join a community of like-minded bloggers, contact the network administrators at the email address posted above. It's a Good Thing!

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