Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Premiere Day Post-Mortem

Since I am living in Canada, where the airwaves are sadly starved of any Martha Stewart programming, I am relying on a devoted Martha Stewart viewer south of the border to bring me (and you!) the Martha Stewart television details necessary to our existence. My friend Jim Eber, who has been a fan of Martha's basically from the beginning, is the new Martha Moments correspondent! {Everyone say, "Hi, Jim!"}

I asked Jim to review the debut episodes of The Martha Stewart Show, Whatever and Mad Hungry for us - nothing fancy, just a paraphrasing of some of the details - so that we do not fall behind. Below are some of the details Jim has brought to our attention, show by show. I will relay them in my own words:

The Martha Stewart Show: Most of the first part of the show was an introduction to the new Hallmark programs. The big news of the day: Marc Morrone will be added to the roster of new shows beginning in January with his own show, filmed at his pet store on Long Island. Lucinda made quesadillas with Martha and her big tip: Never be without bacon! John Baricelli and Sarah Carey from Everyday Food made chocolate ginger cookies and Marc Morrone discussed his new show. Martha also discussed a new segment on the show called "Date Night." Martha will accompany a gentleman of some sort for an evening out in their town, on their terms. Then, Martha will invite them on a night on the town on her terms. Should be fun!

Whatever With Alexis And Jennifer: This is basically their radio show on TV: cheeky, irreverent and opinionated. The set is on the same soundstage as Martha's show, they just unfold it to reveal its minimalist and clean design. The guests were Paula Abdul, who discussed her early career, her time on Idol and her new dance show on CBS. Comedian Brian Donovan was also on: he has been on more than 100 Internet dates, which you can read about here. Then, a make-up artist (Siobhan O'Connor) took the stage to promote her new book on how to achieve the best looks for any occasion: "No More Dirty Looks."

Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala-Quinn: Of the two new shows, this one scored high marks with Jim, who considers it his new favourite. Lucinda is a natural on camera and she was joined in the kitchen with her son Calder in two segments to help out. They made sauted cabbage with onions, ginger and tomatoes. Lucinda also made pork chops with oven-sweet potato fries and cabbage. Dessert was ginger snaps and date sandwiches.

Everyday Food: Not a new episode as I had thought it might be. It was actually the first episode they ever filmed with all the old, familiar faces: Margo, Allie, Lucinda and John.

Next: Jim brings us the details on Martha's first interview special, which airs Sunday night. In "Martha Stewart Presents" she will interview four of America's best women fashion designers.

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