Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Four Years Online

On this day, four years ago it dawned on me to start a blog about Martha Stewart. I don't remember what the exact spark was that brought me to the computer that day. She was back to work after her stint at Alderson and my years as a "Save Martha" editor and writer were over, but I still had so much to say about my favourite entrepreneur! It was a simple, rudimentary little blog with bits and pieces of Martha's history and various news items. I didn't update it often and I wasn't even sure how long I would keep it going. And yet something kept me posting, some insatiable need to collect and archive and document and share the things I loved about Martha's company, her books and magazines and the core content themes she so passionately discusses. Four years later Martha Moments has become something of an unofficial go-to source for all things Martha, which I'm very proud of. I'd like to thank my friend Kenn, too, who was the first person to write to me about my blog just a few months after I started it. He had recognized my name from the Save Martha website and since those days he has been very helpful to me, not to mention such a fantastic supporter. He is my 'best' reader in that I use him as a standard. If Kenn is happy, I'm happy. It's been a really fun four years and this year has certainly gotten off to a great start! I ought to make myself a yarn card to celebrate!

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