Wednesday, April 29, 2009

10 Pom-Pom Good Things

The big, beautiful pom-poms by Martha Stewart Crafts at Michael's craft shop come in a rainbow of sorbet-inspired colours. Below are some tips on using pom-poms for all kinds of special occasions:

1. Hang pom-poms over a dining room table using monofilament (fishing wire) for a festive look.

2. Hang them on the sides or backs of seating along a wedding aisle.

3. Place them on top of presents instead of a bow for an oversized and unexpected look.

4. Create flower-like blooms by layering two pieces of green tissue on the bottoms of the pink tissue when assembling the pom-poms.

5. Place them on top of wide brim vases and position them at the end of a buffet table.

6. Position three white pom-poms together to make a snowman.

7. Hang on the backs of chairs at a celebratory dinner party.

8. Hang with ribbon or streamers in an entranceway when hosting a birthday party.

9. Hang from low tree branches or along the railings of a deck for an outdoor celebration.

10. Unfold only one half of the pom-pom and place them flat-side-down on a table to be used as a centerpiece.

SorbetLattice Heart Camellia

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