Friday, November 21, 2008

When I heard recently that one of my favourite interior designers had a new book out this year, I was giddy. Walda Pairon, a renowned French designer who is widely known for her atmospheric and traditional approach to decorating, has released two other books, both of which are stunning design showcases but sadly out of print: Joie De Vivre and At Home With Walda Pairon. The first is a showcase of Pairon's designs and the second is an intimate portrait of the designer's own homes. Her new one, Interiors with a Soul, is probably her best yet.

Pairon creates her unique and warm interiors from a strong interest in colours, light, fabrics and fashion, and combines old and time-worn objets d'art with more recent objects into an inspirational living space that is both traditional and fresh. That's why I love her style so much. It doesn't shun the new but it doesn't compromise on the classical.

Ivo Pauwels, a renowned garden and lifestyle writer who authored Joie De Vivre, perfectly captures the atmosphere of Pairon's interiors in this book as well by giving weight to the importance of soul in interior design. The photographs by Cees Roelofs, one of the foremost lifestyle photographers in Europe, are lush and plentiful. They perfectly illustrate the 'soulfulness' of her rooms. I just want to dive into this book and experience each room in person. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in classical or European design, or to those who want to learn more about working with colour and light in design. I think most fans of Martha's own decorating style will appreciate this book also.
The cover is striking.

The Dutch painters likely inspired this gorgeous tableau on a dining room table.

A parlour is warmed by dark crimson tones, amber wood, low lamplight and afternoon sun.

A Christmas tree in the other corner of the room lends to the warmth.

Simple, elegant, impeccable.

A lovely mix of dark tones and light ones creates a memorable impression in this kitchen.

Flowers so often make such a difference to a room.

Walda Pairon's first book, Joie de Vivre. Walda is shown on the cover.

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