Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In the December issue of Martha Stewart Living there is an "Object Lesson" on silver candlesticks. It inspired me to dig out my Martha by Mail Hotel Silver candlestick set (of three) and polish them up for display again. They were given to me by John Small, creator and founder of Savemartha.com, as a parting gift. Many of the Martha by Mail items were not available for shipment to Canada, sadly, so I cherish the MBM items I do have, many of them gifts, including a leather-bound "Good Things" journal given to me by my friend Kenn. It's probably my favourite item. Other items I have include some of the Burleigh ware, including a very nice soap dish, and the famous tin of 18 Araucana egg soaps.
They look so nice all polished up. The third one in the set (much smaller) is kept on a window sill.
I took three of the egg soaps and displayed them in an antique silver mustard dish. I miss Martha by Mail!

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