Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Earlier this year, former CEO Susan Lyne appeared to shoot down any suggestion that Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia would be developing a fragrance. At a shareholders' meeting, she told investors that the company would be much more focused on building and expanding merchandise for the home, rather than spreading itself too thin by venturing into the celebrity fragrance market. But in an interview last year, Martha admitted to fashion designer Joseph Abboud that the company had worked very closely with various fragrance designers to develop a signature Martha Stewart fragrance. When asked if she had ever produced a fragrance, this is what she said:

"I did, and I might again. I showed some fragrance designers the flowers I wanted to capture. They are wonderfully smelling flowers that also have auto-immune qualities, so it could be a terrific product. It could be a really nice room fragrance. But right now we're doing a ham."

She then went on to explain the new line of packaged foods at Costco.

I think a Martha Stewart fragrance would be a bit out on a limb, a bit separate from the rest of the merchandising lines, but one that may actually catch on, especially if it is a room fragrance. There are Martha Stewart Everyday scented candles that are quite nice, so a room fragrance wouldn't be much of a stretch. And how about a perfume for women? What do you think, ladies? Would you buy a Martha Stewart fragrance?

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