Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some details have emerged about Martha Stewart's visit to Poland. Martha was in Warsaw, Poland's capital and the country's largest city, to launch the Polish version of Martha Stewart Living and to host an exhibition in a downtown boutique featuring some of her photographs.

Martha met with some of her Polish fans and the media, and she spoke fondly of the place where both sets of her grandparents were born. "As a Polish-American, I feel a strong connection to this beautiful country and to its people,'' she said. "This trip is a wonderful opportunity for me to connect with my heritage.''
Despite her roots, Stewart is not widely known in Poland — though her legal troubles brought her a degree of attention for the first time. The Polish version of the magazine is the second Non-English version of the magazine to be launched. A Japanese version, simply called "Martha" was also popular. Martha Stewart Living also hopes to expand publications to China and Germany, as well as distribute it in other English nations, such as Australia, where her television show is very popular.

Below are some AP photos of Martha in Poland.

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