Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Now this is cool! The editors at Martha Stewart Living have helped to launch a new magazine. McKinney Living was produced by the students of McKinney Secondary School for the Arts in Fort Greene, New York:

As part of the Pencil Principal for a Day program, McKinney was randomly paired with Martha Stewart Living Editor-in-Chief Michael Boodro, who came up with the idea of creating a magazine for the school. He and his staff at MSL took meetings with the students and oversaw the production of the magazine over a period of five months. The long-awaited final product (a 48-page glossy) covers everything from school fashion to advice on how to handle senior year. It is due back from the printers this week.

The front cover

The student editorial staff visited the MSL offices in midtown on several occasions, listening to presentations from editorial and art departments and spending one-on-one time with editors.

"We had big meetings in the beginning, showing them just how it works, and then we said, 'Okay, now you guys go back and come up with counterparts for your magazine,'" says Boodro, adding they also sent the kids magazines to get them planning the overall direction of the publication. "We wanted to be encouraging and make sure they met certain standards, but we wanted it to be their magazine," he says. "And now that it's done, it truly is."

On set at the Martha Stewart Show, Martha is shown with editor Michael Boodro at center, surrounded by some of the students and school staff who helped put the magazine together.

-Reporting by New York Daily News.

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