Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Martha in Rachel's Kitchen!

The seventh sign? Maybe. An addition to the list of deadly sins? Possibly. All I know is that when I read this morning that Martha Stewart would be a guest on the Rachel Ray Show on November 12th, I actually screamed out loud. It was a mix of excitement and dread, rather like the feeling one gets on approach to a roadside accident: "Should I look?"

Of course I will try to tune in just to see the odd dynamic between the two domestic gurus. I am not a Rachel Ray fan in the slightest, but Martha standing next to her in her studio, surrounded by canned tomato sauce, is enough to get me to watch.
Above, Martha and Rachel pose for a photo at the New York City Food and Wine Festival last month.

The two have been set up by the press as arch rivals, with abundant rumours about how they cannot stand each other. Rachel and Martha, for their parts, have been mostly mum on the subject of their supposed rivalry over the years, but they have let it slip that they respect each other, despite some very pointed differences, which they also proudly acknowledge.

In any case, it will be worth watching. Here is the commercial touting Martha's appearance: click here.

UPDATE: Rachel will appear on Martha's show the following day (November 13th) to make a Thanksgiving dessert. Fair is fair!

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