Thursday, October 1, 2009

Francesca's & Sharkey's Costumes

Why should Martha have all the fun dressing up? Her French bulldogs, Francesca and Sharkey look just as creepy in their Halloween garb. Below are examples of two costumes you can make for your small pooch: a black widow spider and a moth. Keep in mind that not all pets are comfortable in costumes. If the animals appear to be distressed, please remove the costume.

Templates for the shapes are available at The instructions are simple and yield striking results.Simply attach the legs of the spider to the body, which is just a pair of diamond cut-outs sewn back to back and then stuffed with cotton. Attach the body and the legs to a baby's black t-shirt, which you can put on the dog's torso.

Sharkey, in her moth costume, is looking to fly towards the light. Templates for this costume can also be found at

Pipecleaners keep her antenae peaked. The fringe is comprised of painted felt strips that are cut into tiny hair-like sections. They are secured to the head with an elastic, which you can customize to fit the dog.

The wings are made of felt and are decorated with felt cut-outs to make the spots. These, too, are comfortably secured to the dog's torso with a customized section of elastic.

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