Thursday, August 13, 2009

Everyday Food Evolution

With the arrival of the September issue of Everyday Food comes the debut of more changes to the handy little digest. design refresh and the introduction of several new columns in the magazine are just the thing to start a new season off on the right foot. Below are some of the changes:

A new photograph of Martha graces the corner of the cover of the September issue.

The "Contents" pages are beautifully designed with large, colourful photography: very graphic and enticing!

A new column called "Bites" aims to inform the reader about some of the latest kitchen trends, new cookware and appliances, great cooking blogs and websites.

Another new column called "Tonight's Dinner Tomorrow's Lunch" celebrates the art of great left-overs with recipes for simple suppers and advice on how to use the left-overs to make a creative and delicious lunch the next day.

"Eat Out at Home" is a new column that brings some favourite restaurant fare to the kitchen table, without racking up a huge tab. In today's struggling economy, this is definitely a Good Thing.

Everyday Food is now being designed more like "Living" with an introductory splash page that separates the bulk of the content into a 'well' at the back of the magazine. Love this!

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