Friday, July 10, 2009

Martha at Home Depot?

There is a rumour on the Martha beat that the Martha Stewart Everyday line, currently being phased out at Kmart, will be moving to Home Depot in late 2010. This is still just a rumour and no one has officially confirmed or denied the news. I'm waiting to hear back from a contact at MSLO to see if more light can be shed on the subject. Home Depot would be an interesting choice for the Everyday line. I can see some of the housewares fitting in nicely: the patio furniture, the garden accessories, the bath and kitchen hardware, the Colors line of paint, the furniture. Some of the soft lines, such as the table linens and bedding, seem a bit unusual for Home Depot, but nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. It could be that Home Depot, a rapidly expanding company, is broadening its focus to include more household products. We will have to wait for the confirmation, but it's an interesting first look at the possibility!

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