Sunday, June 7, 2009

Must-Have: North River Server

At the moment, this is my favourite piece of kitchenalia. Boring, you say? Well, practicality and functional design have always won out over opulence and extravagance for me. The North River Server, one of the latest additions to the Martha Stewart Furniture collection with Bernhardt, is without a doubt functional and practical - and beautiful. What I love about it is its versatility. It can be used as a sideboard in a dining room or as an island in a warm Colonial kitchen. Its diversity owes itself to the form and substance. Its top is made of heat-resistant granite, meaning even the hottest of simmering pots can be placed on top of it without the fear of burn marks. Its rugged, hardy surface makes it perfect for kitchen prep, yet it's smooth and elegant enough to hold silver turines, a crystal lamp or a vase filled with freshly cut roses. Nicest of all, the back of the piece is finished, giving it the looks needed to stand freely in the center of a kitchen. Two deep drawers, which come with cloth liners for silver storage, are adorned by sturdy iron hardware and can hold any number of serving utensils. The spacious shelves are ideal for large bowls and platters and adjustable glides make it even more accommodating.

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