Monday, June 8, 2009

Must-Have: Beach Towels

The warm weather is upon us and it won't be long before we head for the beach, our tote bags stuffed with surf-side essentials. I'm a quasi-collector of fabulous towels (only large beach towels, thank you very much) and many of the ones I have are hommages to various brands and designers: an orange Ralph Lauren towel with the giant pony logo in navy blue, a rainbow Lacoste towel with a giant alligator logo, an Egyptian-cotton towel with large, red embroidered butterflies and a very campy towel with an Erte diva in full-glam apparel. These ones below, part of the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's, would make fantastic additions to my large large-towel trove: a Martha must-have! (Does anyone remember, by the way, those fabulous towels from the Catalog for Living from 2001 with the classical nautical motifs - fish, coral, etc. - beautifully overlaid on plush, dark cotton? Sigh. The towels that got away... I should have ordered one when I had the chance.)

Garden Beach Towel Tent Beach Towel For Two

Koi Pond Beach Towel

Dahlia Beach Towel

Kimono Beach Towel

Beaded Beach Towel

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