Sunday, January 25, 2009

On Thursday, January 29th, Martha Stewart will be inducted into the American Society of Magazine Editors’ Magazine Editors’ Hall of Fame. Martha shared some of her views on how the magazine industry will fare during a time of economic crisis with Mediaweek in an interview.

Among the revelations, we learn that the new luxury magazine Martha Stewart Living was developing (tentatively titled Panache) has been put on ice, but that it is essentially ready to be launched once the economy rights itself.

Martha also says she firmly believes in the longlasting and timeless quality of her magazine:

Were you surprised about your magazine’s comeback following your legal ordeal?

"I wasn’t surprised at all. I really believe in our customers and I believe they’re intelligent human beings. I’m surprised more aren’t avid customers, that they’ll settle for what I think is less good information. I would’ve thought instead of having 12 [million] to 14 million readers, we’d have more than that. I always thought Martha Stewart Living would be more like National Geographic in its heyday."

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