Monday, October 6, 2008

With just over a year left before the Martha Stewart Everyday line leaves Kmart store shelves, the retailer is wasting no time introducing its replacement home line, the conspicuously named Jaclyn Smith Today. The Today line and another sub-category of bed and bath merchandise called Jaclyn Smith Traditions have already appeared in some Kmart stores, right next to Martha Stewart's displays.

Martha has not yet announced which retailer will be carrying the Everyday line after the contract with Kmart expires in 2010.

Below are some examples of the Jaclyn Smith Today line. What do you think, guys? Does this merchandise come anywhere close to Martha's? (Looks like typical Kmart to me. No thanks, Jackie. Not today. Not any day.)

An attempt to be modern...?

An odd design. If they'd extended the blue floral pattern, maybe, or lost the thick brown borders?

Well, the towels aren't that bad. They're ribbed pima cotton.

Really horrible, unless you're living in a 1974 bunker.

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