Sunday, December 14, 2008

I thought it would be nice to feature a gallery of some of the best Christmas trees dreamed up by the staff at Martha Stewart Living magazine, most of whom work under the guidance of Eric Pike, the magazine's "Father Christmas" as he's been called. The photos I've selected below are the ones I think are the most alluring and beautiful, and also timeless in their elegance. There is nothing like a beautiful Christmas tree. When I was very young I used to ask to have my nap time right beside the Christmas tree during the holiday season. It didn't matter where I was - at my grandparents' house, at the babysitter's place, or just in my parents' living room - when it was time for my nap I'd demand to sleep near, or even under, the tree...with the lights on. Most of the time I got my wish and I recall falling asleep staring up into the maze of decorated branches, all lit up. The best nap times ever! Anyhow, enjoy the gallery of Christmas trees from Martha Stewart Living issues past and present, and please consider having a nap among the presents.

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