Friday, September 5, 2008

Staffers at Martha Stewart Living wanted to do something special for Martha before the new television season kicked off, so they commissioned a custom poem in her honour. is an established South Florida based company that designs, creates and distributes exquisite personalized poetry gifts under the branded and innovative writing style Reality Rhyming. Link:

The innovative concept uses each letter of a person's name as an acronym to unfold a unique and distinctive poetic story. This results in an individualized expression of rhyme that captures specific sentimental moments that cannot be replicated.
Martha's finished piece is 27" x 32" and is showcased on handmade paper called "leaf impressions blue" in a frame from Todd's platinum collection called "Giotto" which is "white green" in color. The matte is suede and is called "cactus." Piece was entirely custom made in archival, museum quality and conservation standards with non-glare UV glass. The frame imported from Italy.

Each poem is printed on handmade paper and placed in museum-quality archival frames designed in Italy. Reality Rhyming founder and president of Kre8tiveworkz, Todd Edwards, says he was thrilled when staff at MSLO contacted him to do a poem for Martha:

"It's always a privilege and an honor to create a piece for anyone, but when I design something for someone who I admire and respect as much as I do her, I'm extremely flattered. I hope that she enjoys her expression- for a lifetime," Edward said in a press release.

Here is Todd's finished poem:

Mentor to the masses, this gifted homemaker creates a better “Living”
Attending to humankind and making a steadfast commitment to giving
Radiant with her smile, this entrepreneur shows us that cooking is fun
Taking on any domestic task, demonstrating how it’s perfectly done
Holiday favorites, Valentine’s Day, decadent desserts made her way
Advocate for a healthier life, “Entertaining” the world without strife

Showcasing her Bedford vegetable garden, yielding delicious crops
Tasty Sungold tomatoes, everyone’s favorites, they’re tops
Eating them right off the vine, a bit of olive oil, splash of white wine
Whatever delicious recipes are prepared from her impressive menus
Alternative gourmet ideas, nothing but successful party breakthroughs
Realizing the connection, body + soul, celebrating health, living whole
Talent and passion, a heart that’s true, thanks so much for all you do

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